Key Chain Wallet (Crochet)

Today’s post (cue the Sesame Street voice)  is brought to you by the letter “L.” Ya’ll I’m lazy. I love purses as much as the next girl, but sometimes you just want to run to the store in some leggings, your husband’s shirt, and not have to drag your purse around! So, I give you, a crochet key chain wallet. It’s the perfect size for grabbing your license, credit card, and maybe a little cash. That’s it and you’re out the door with your essentials!

This project took me not even an hour start to finish. The best part is that you can make it from left over yarn in your stash! I have seen so many “stash projects,” usually in the form of really cute striped or granny square blankets. These are all dandy, but like I said, I’m lazy. Sometimes thinking of having to do all those color changes and weave in all those ends just seems like a huge undertaking. Usually, I don’t have the time to dedicate to such a large project. I generally have so many works in progress going on, the last thing I need is to have a blanket looming over my conscience making me feel guilty every time I’m at the craft store looking at (who am I kidding. . . buying) more yarn that I don’t need yet. You can’t just let a yarn sale go to waste. Am I right?!

In fact, I made this tiny wallet entirely out of left over materials I had laying around my craft room. I try to snag fur pom pom key chains whenever I see them on sale at the store. Then, I detach the pom from the metal pieces to use on the top of hats! This was the perfect way for me to use some of the key rings and buttons that I’ve been saving "just in case." It’s not hoarding if you can find a purpose – at least that’s what I tell myself!

I left this project pretty basic, but don’t be afraid to personalize it! You could add decals, pins, or even fringe to make it fit your unique personality!

As always, you may sell any items you use making this pattern. Please, just credit me and link back to this post whenever possible. You can find me on Instagram (@i_can_knot_even) and tag me to share your creations! I get so excited to know that others are finding joy in the patterns I create! Don't forget to subscribe by email at the top of the page to receive new posts and patterns straight in your inbox.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Happy hooking, Everyone!



Crochet Key Chain Wallet:

·         Worsted weight yarn (optional: in two contrasting colors)
·         5mm crochet hook
·         Button
·         Yarn needle
·         Key ring

·         CH- Chain
·         SC- Single crochet
·         SC2tog- Single crochet two together
·         SLST- Slip stitch

·         CH 1 at the beginning of rows never counts as a stitch. It’s just to help you turn your work.


CH 13.
Row 1-33: SC in the second CH from the hook. SC in each stitch across the entire row. CH 1 and turn your work. (12 SC)

Create the flap:

Row 34: SC2tog. SC in the next 8 stitches. SC2tog. CH 1 and turn your work. (10 SC)
Row 35: SC2tog. SC in the next 6 stitches. SC2tog. CH 1 and turn your work. (8 SC)
Row 36: SC2tog. SC in the next 4 stitches. SC2tog. CH 1 and turn your work. (6 SC)
Row 37: SC2tog. CH 3. Skip 2 stitches. SC2tog (this row creates the button hole to close the flap of the key chain wallet). Tie off your work and weave in the ends.

To finish the project:
·         Fold your work in half to create a pocket large enough for credit/debit cards to fit inside easily, leaving the flap on top to eventually fold down to close the wallet.
·         SLST your second color of yarn at one of the corners of the wallet to attach it. Be sure to catch both sides of the pocket on your crochet hook because we are going to SLST around the border to “sew” the sides of the pocket closed.)

·         SLST around the edge of the work until you reach the other corner of the piece. Even though the bottom is folded, I still SLST across to make a cohesive border.
·         Then, SLST around the flap to create a matching border. When you reach the CH 3 space of the flap, place 3 SC into hole created by the CH 3 to create a finished edge of the button hole.
·         When you have reached the other side of the flap, CH 6 to create a loop to attach your key ring to. Then, SLST to the beginning corner of the key chain wallet to finish the border and secure the key ring loop.
·         Tie of your work and weave in your ends.
·         Fold the flap down to see where to place the button. Sew the button down to the front of the pocket and double check to make sure the flap fastens securely to close.

·         The last step is to attach a key ring and you’re ready to go! 

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